Our Major work Area :

Consultancy Services:

  • Regulatory guidance in the field of Pollution Control.
  • Obtaining Environmental Clearance from Department of Environment (State, Central Govt. and MoEF).
  • Obtaining Consents (Establish, Operate, and Renewal & Amendment) for various industries.
  • Preparation of Environmental Status Report.
  • Preparation Environmental Audits/ Statement Reports, Environmental Impact Assessment studies.
  • Provide all assistance in liasoning work for pollution control field also in Health and Safety (EHS).
  • Design, fabrication, erection and commissioning on Turnkey basis of water, Solid waste
  • Design of air pollution control equipment’s/ plants to Industries, Hotels, Hospitals.
  • Bio-mass development in secondary treatment system for ETP/ STP, Preparation of Feasibility Report for ETP/ STP.
  • Operation and Maintenance of ETP/ STP
  • Design and set up of Rain Water Harvesting system (RWHS)
  • All type of Equipment & Machineries Supply to Industries & laboratories for pollution control.
  • To provide services related to the Environmental Audit, ISO, OHSAS.

Turnkey Project Services :

  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP).
  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
  • Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
  • Up-gradation of ETP/ STP
  • Solid waste Management (SWM)
  • Air pollution Control Units (APCs)

Lab Services :

  • Treatability studies of waste effluents.
  • Water & Wastewater Analysis (Municipal, River, Borewell etc.)
  • Microbial Testing
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Stack Monitoring
  • Ambient Air Monitoring
  • Noise Monitoring
  • Solid Waste Analysis
  • Engineering material testing & analysis.

Equipment Supply Services :

  • All type of Equipments required for pollution control projects.
  • Pressure Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter
  • Surface Aerators, Floating Aerators, Agitators
  • Clariflocculator, Clarifiers, Effluent Transfer Pumps, High Pressure Pumps, Air Blowers, Compressors, Air Diffusers
  • Air Dryers, Scrubbers, Dust Collectors, Filter Press, Incinerators
  • Water Meters, Pressure Gauges, Water Testing Kits

Media and Chemical Supply Services :

  • Sand Media, Activated Carbon, Gravels Resins.
  • Polyelectrolyte, Antiscalant, Flocculants, Coagulants.
  • All type ETP/STP/WTP/RO Chemicals.